Your challenge, our solutions

Your challenge, our solutions

160,000 employees worldwide

160,000 employees

Ethics & governance

Ethics & governance

Activity 2013 :
EDF dynamics

Rapport d'activités et de développement durable 2013

The EDF Group

The EDF group, a leading energy player, active in all major electricity businesses.

EDF Group code of ethics

EDF Group code of ethics

The EDF Group code of ethics states the values and the ethical commitments of the Group.

EDF Foundation

The EDF Foundation supports 150 projects a year. Helping individuals to find their place in our society, it has set itself 3 priorities: social inclusion, self-sufficiency and humanitarian involvement.


Our social responsibility actions aim to maintain a social connection with vulnerable people, whether it be for access to energy, access to work or healthcare.

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Our commitments help to protect the environment and biodiversity and combat global warming.

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Great Partnerships

Discover the Group's great partnerships.

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The Team EDF

Team EDF A group of committed champions, composed of both able-bodied athletes and disabled athletes.

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Partnerhip with French Football Federation


We have been supporting swimming since 2006, a sport that requires both energy and a fighting spirit, but also courage and self-sacrifice.

disabled sports

Emeric Martin - Disabled Table Tennis

Together with the FFH (French Federation for Disabled Sport), we have helped to promote disabled sport for the last 20 years.

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