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Your challenges, our solutions

Every day tens of millions of businesses and consumers turn to EDF—one of the world’s leading electric utilities—for the electricity they need to keep their homes, offices, and factories running smoothly.

That’s why we at EDF are committed to:
  • Giving you a reliable, energy-efficient power supply backed by unbeatable customer service ;
  • Ensuring maximum energy safety ;
  • Remaining at the forefront of energy technology—whether for nuclear, hydro, wind, or solar power—and leading the drive towards a carbon-free world.

Standing behind our customers’ values

Our 158,161 employees around the globe not only generate, transform, market, and distribute the power you need, but they do so in a way consistent with the five values fundamental to any responsible organization:

  • Respect for the individual
  • An unrelenting quest for excellence
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Support for the community
  • Integrity towards our stakeholders.

Making the world a better place

  • By giving everyone access to electricity ;
  • By thinking globally and acting locally ;
  • By helping to fight climate change ;
  • By protecting the earth’s precious biodiversity.

R&D-driven innovation

We spent €650 million on R&D last year alone, proof of our commitment to delivering cutting-edge energy solutions. Our 2,000-strong R&D staff in France carry out ground-breaking research targeted towards three goals:
  • Fostering innovations with tangible benefits for our customers ;
  • Cutting CO2 emissions by developing alternatives to fossil fuels ;
  • Building safer power grids.

Taking a closer look