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The management of energy consumption is partly based on behavior. Our objective is to help people better understand the challenges of global warming and promote efficient electricity use.
In Europe, the circulation of low-energy light bulbs is one of the most tangible symbols of eco-responsibility.

  • In France, through the Public Service Agreement, EDF has committed to devoting a share of its budget to communication and information on energy eco-efficiency (particularly in schools).
  • In Italy, Edison has been deploying educational projects on the environment and energy use with Legambiente for several years. The 'Kyoto anch'io - la scuola arnica del clima' campaign, in which 2,035 schools took part, illustrates this commitment.
  • In the United Kingdom, EDF Energy's Greener Schools program helps schools rationalize their energy consumption and reduce their carbon footprint (over 3,000 teachers currently involved; 2.5 million young people targeted by 2012).

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