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Our vision

Today, all energy companies are facing the challenge of responding to growing energy demand while tackling climate change and managing resource depletion. And as one of the world’s largest electricity suppliers, we at EDF are at the forefront of this challenge. That's why sustainable development is at the heart of our strategy.
Tackling climate change starts with reducing our environmental impact.

Nine commitments to respond to three key challenges

The environment: Tackling climate change and protecting biodiversity.

1. Remain the lowest carbon emitter among the major European energy companies, especially electric utilities.
2. Adapt our fleet and our customer offers to promote climate protection.
3. Reduce our environmental impact, especially on biodiversity.
Social responsibility: Improving access to energy and developing close links with local communities.
4. Promote access to energy and energy efficiency.
5. Develop and sustain links with local communities where we work.
6. Support education on major energy issues.
Governance: Contributing to the debate on sustainable development through dialogue, information, and communication.
7. Continue to implement strategies based on the values we share with all our employees and stakeholders.
8. Regulary report on our corporate social responsibility initiatives and results.
9. Contribute to the debate on sustainable development at both a national and international level.

Sustainable development 2013

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Indicators 2013

EDF Group Sustainable Development Indicators 2013

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