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Management of sustainable development

 Meeting of the Sustainable Development Committee in Paris, November 2008.

A Group Sustainable Development Committee oversees processes and ensures that the actions undertaken by the companies are consistent. Its main missions are to:
  • Help each entity implement its sustainable development strategy and suggest targets. The different entities submit action plans to the committee
  • Prepare a new sustainable development strategy for the Group together with a strategy for adapting to climate change and proposed commitments, submitted to the Executive Committee
  • Coordinate ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems
  • Encourage the sharing of experience and practices
  • Define the messages to be communicated about sustainable development
  • Supervise lobbying
  • Coordinate sustainable development reporting.

The Sustainable Development Committee works with the Group Sustainable Development Panel to shape its action strategy. The composition of the latter was changed in 2008 to make it more internationally representative and reflective of the Group's evolution. Its members, independent experts appointed for three years and selected for their expertise or representativeness of countries where the Group is active, meet regularly with EDF senior management. The panel is playing an increasingly focused role: evaluating the Group's sustainable development strategy and reporting, and assessing how well stakeholder interests are being taken into account. Its opinions and summaries are posted on the EDF website.

Some of the Group entities also rely on expert panels. EDF consults with three dialogue bodies, the chairpersons of which are part of the Group Panel.

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