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EDF submits its performances to evaluation by rating agencies and non-financial analyst departments, acting on investors' behalf, that assess and rate businesses on the basis of their policies and results in terms of sustainable development.

These agencies compile and manage indexes which are then used by socially responsible investment analysts as a guide in their investment choices.

The main agencies by which EDF is rated: 

FTSE Group, Global Index Company

Logo FTSE Index Company

Following an in-depth independent analysis and based on social, environmental and nuclear safety criteria, the FTSE4Good Policy Committee has included in march 2012 the EDF Group into the prestigious FTSE4Good index. The EDF Group in now one of five nuclear operators meeting the stringent criteria set up by the FTSE4Good.

Worldwide recognized, the FTSE4Good was set up by the Global Index Company with the aim of promoting investment in companies that meet ambitious Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) standards in social and environmental matters. Nuclear power companies must meet specific criteria for the operational safety of their facilities and for waste management.

Inclusion in the FTSE4Good index is a highly visible evidence for investors of the Group's advanced industrial capabilities. Transparency, nuclear safety and waste management are at the core of the Group's main priorities.

To learn more:

Vigeo Agency

Logos Vigeo

Since 2005, EDF has been included in the ASPI Eurozone® index, which consists of the 120 listed Eurozone companies that perform best in social and environmental terms.
Stocks are selected on the basis of the extra-financial assessments made by Vigeo. 9 of the 34 ranked companies in the electricity and gas industry sector, including EDF, are included in the ASPI index.
Furthermore, on 1 November 2012, Vigeo created 3 new indexes. EDF is included in the two first:

  • Vigeo France 20: the 20 most advanced French companies
  • Vigeo Europe 120: the 120 most advanced European companies
  • Vigeo World 120: the 120 most advanced companies worldwide

For 2012, EDF is ranked ninth in its sector with an overall score of 55/100.

Breakdown of the rating:

Domains Rating KA/2008 Rating 06/2009  Rating 02/2011  Rating 10/2012
Human rights ++ ++  +  +
Environment = +  +  =
Human resources
+ +  ++  ++
Business behavior
+ =  =  -
Corporate governance
= =  =  =
Community involvement
++ ++  ++  ++

++ the company is ranked as a leading performer in its sector
+   the company is ranked as an active performer in its sector
=   the company is ranked as an average performer in its sector
-   the company is ranked as a below average performer in its sector
the company is ranked as a poor performer in its sector

Updated on October 1st, 2013

RobecoSAM Agency

Logo RobecoSAM

This agency assesses businesses in three separate areas (economic, social and environmental) and then awards a score out of 100 on the basis of its findings.

The indexes published by RobecoSAM are called the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes. Following an invitation from the agency, the EDF Group was assessed for the first time in 2009 (regarding 2008 results).

2011 2012 2013 Trend
EDF rating 61  59 66 66
Average for the "Electricity" sector 52  58 61 54  Down

Dimension Scores:

2010 2011 2012 2013 Trend
Economy dimension 56 57
71 74 Up
Environment dimension 60 56
60 59 Down
Social dimension 68 65
65 63  Down

Updated on October 1st, 2013

Carbon Disclosure Project

Carbon Disclosure Project

The Carbon Disclosure Project is an independent not-for-profit organisation which assembles and maintains the world's largest database linked to climate change.

With the support of 722 signatory financial institutions, managing a total of over 87 trillion dollars, the CDP has encouraged over 4,500 companies to send information on their strategies regarding climate change and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. This comprehensive system enables companies, investors, policymakers and purchasing managers to better understand the positioning of companies in the context of a future economy with less carbon. It also sends out a strong signal inviting companies to be transparent regarding their climate change strategy.

In 2013, 81% of companies belonging to the Global 500 index answered the CDP's questionnaire. As the high participation rate of CAC 40 companies in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in 2012 bears out, large French companies have decided to set an example in terms of environmental transparency.1
For each company, the CDP gives two scores: one transparency score (score out of 100) and a grade between A and F that evaluates performance in terms of environmental impact.
On average, the transparency index of CAC 40 companies measured by the CDP is higher than that of SBF250 companies, with an average index of 78% for the CAC 40 versus 69% for the SBF250.
The CAC 40 companies received an average grade of C+, with large disparities between the companies as grades ranged between A and E.

Scores d'EDF :

2009 20102011 20122013
Transparency score
Performance grade

Placed 14th out of the 21 companies in the utilities sector in 2012, this year the Group shared 8th place out of 17 (ahead of ENEL, RWE, E.on and Duke Energy, but behind Centrica, Iberdrola, Endessa and Exelon), thanks to a score which rose from 87 to 95.

There are two main reasons for this considerable improvement. On the one hand, EDF's scope 2 CO2 emissions are now verified by an external third party (emissions due to purchases of electricity and heat for its own needs, including electricity, heating, and cooling for its property holdings). On the other hand, and most importantly, combined-cycle gas-fired power stations have been commissioned in the United Kingdom and France to replace traditional fossil fuel power stations. The new plants are more productive and emit only half the CO2.

1 EcoAct: report analysing the CO2 policies of companies in the CAC 40.

EDF's position among the Utilites subsector in 2013

Mapping du sous-secteur des utilities en 2013

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